The camps are housed in a 42-room house furnished with antiques, beds, pianos and plenty of room to perch yourself in the large living room, an inviting porch and an eat-in country style kitchen. The bedrooms are dormitory style (two to five in a room for the Sonatas and four to ten in a room for Summer Sonatina). There are 30 pianos on site: 12 grands (five Steinways, four Yamahas, and three Kawais), 15 uprights mostly Yamahas, a Midi lab, Yamaha clavinovas, several music libraries, a large piano music inventory, sight-reading materials, and a CD library.


During Sonatas a wireless computer network is accessible throughout the facility. Participants may tap into the network to gain internet access and there is also a desktop computer available if you don't have one with you. A monitored guest computer is set up for Summer Sonatina students. There is a hot tub located on the outdoor deck.


Exercise equipment is available (elliptical machine, treadmill, and free weights). Early morning yoga sessions are scheduled throughout the week in the livingroom for the Sonata campers.