Sonatina Piano Camps

Online lessons in the comfort of your own home with director and pianist, Polly van der Linde

It's easy to get set up...


All you need is a piano, a laptop or a tablet that has a built-in webcam, a Skype account and a good quality internet connection. Optional equipment might include an external microphone or camera.


Schedule lessons when you need them and play on the piano you are most familiar with - your own! Plus, there is no travel time!


There are four different camera angles on my end. This will allow you to see my face speaking to you directly, a side angle of the keyboard for specific fingering, an overhead camera to observe how the hands move across the keys and a iPad feed showing the pdf copy of the score so you can view my highlighted markings.


Click the speed test button to the right to record your internet download and upload speed and ping values. Enter them into the "Free Trial" application.


Downloading and setting up Skype takes about 20 minutes to complete. We can guide you through the process through email exchanges if you're having trouble. Incidentally, if you have a webcam, Skype will automatically detect it and test it to make sure things are working correctly.


Check my public Google calendar to the right for openings and to schedule a free trial 15-minute session to see if the online format works for you and whether you'll need to upgrade your internet speed connection. Lessons, as well as the repertoire you will be working on, will need to be scheduled at least 3 days in advance.


After the trial 15-minute session has been completed and the technology has been sampled effectively, a package deal and payment is expected. Please fill out the full application form to apply.




All sessions are 60 minutes long. Included in the fee is prior or follow-up time for scanning scores, adding fingerings and comments that were discussed in the lesson time and offering future repertoire suggestions. The pdf file will be emailed to you shortly after the lesson.


     1 to 2 lessons ($100 each) = $100-$200

     3 to 5 lessons ($90 each) = $270-$450

     6 to 8 lessons ($80 each) = $480-$640


NOTE: Once a lesson package is started, it must be completed before adding any other lessons to the package.